Test Automation
Tescom US is familiar with popular test automation market tools and methodologies. We can help with your automation decisions.
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Test Automation

Automated Testing has become an industry standard for replacing repeated manual testing efforts or as a powerful tool for regression testing.


We’re familiar with popular market tools and methodologies; we can help you determine whether or not you should automate. If yes, we’ll help you determine which will best suit your needs- basing our recommendation on multiple “weighted” criteria including environment, existing skill sets, and needs.


If a tool is purchased, we can help implement it, identify existing tests that can be automated for regression, create an Automation Test Strategy and an Automation Test Plan to cover the existing tests, write automated test scripts using key words or whatever emphasis is determined desirable, and support/train existing resources in tool use, if required.


Take the guesswork out of test automation by contacting Tescom now.