About Us
Tescom US is a software testing firm. Software testing and quality assurance is all we do, it's all we've ever done, and we've been doing it for the Atlanta community since 1999.
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Tescom is a software testing firm.

Software testing and quality assurance is all we do, it’s all we’ve ever done, and we’ve been doing it for the Atlanta community since 1999.

We save you time in finding qualified resources. Our testers are located in the Atlanta region and all our people and projects are backed by local management support.

We’re committed to risk-based testing in order to ensure your priorities are met and costs are kept low.  And we’re independent- unaffiliated with any development or implementation teams or tool vendors, so our recommendations are based solely on what’s good for you.

We’re here to help strike the balance between testers’ desire to make the absolute best possible quality software ever and management’s desire to make sure the company turns a profit.

Tescom’s testing is not about making the best software product possible- it’s about defining testing priorities to produce the most profitable software possible.


About Us