QA Augmentation
Tescom US helps to alleviate testing backlogs by providing additional QA staff.
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QA Augmentation

So you have your own QA team, and don’t need us, huh? Well… let’s see about that:

  • No time to test. Sometimes QA is viewed as a bottleneck to releases. We can help with that- we’ll help you determine and implement best practices for your development and QA teams to follow in order to achieve better and timelier results from the entire software development lifecycle
  • Too much to test!: Even with a great team, sometimes the workload- especially in successful firms- gets overwhelming; and as a company grows, the stakes associated with software bugs increases. We can alleviate your testing backlog by supplementing existing QA staff. We’re used to ramping up quickly- we know how important it is to fit in with your team and ongoing routine. And we’ll make sure you have the documentation you need to keep the ship smoothly sailing in the future.
  • Informal business requirements: Ensuring requirements are documented, shared and understood by all members of the development and QA teams is instrumental in an efficient development lifecycle and significantly reduces scope creep. But it’s time consuming. That’s where we come in- while everyone continues working, we get to know the involved parties to better estimate time to code and test requirements Usually, we work with subject matter experts, customers, and development team to gather and document feasible requirements, and reviewing/revising the change request process, defining priorities for new and change requests. With formal business requirements in place, you’ll be better managing your project and time.

So maybe you do want to give us a call after all…